Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eagulls Make Some Fantastic 80's English Post-Punk

Eagulls have put out the best British post-punk I’ve heard since Echo and the Bunnymen which is saying a lot considering the latter is considered one of the best bands to play the genre and the former just put out their debut less than a year ago.  The five piece rock band from Leeds, England released their debut eponymous album and its 10 tracks ooze with hardcore guitar riffs, exquisitely deep and haunting base lines and vocals which sound straight out of the 1980’s New Wave/Post-Punk English scene with an extra gritty sincerity all their own.  Lead in track “Nerve Endings” has singer George Mitchel melodically shrieking the chorus in a way that is reminiscent of Mark E. Smith with a hoarser, "punkier" squeal which reveals Eagulls history in the hardcore scene .  The following track "Hollow Visions" is a veritable punk explosion of energy.  Tracks like "Amber Veins" and "Fester/Blister" have great speed and 80's guitar riffs that recall early Joy Division with a faster, heavier tempo.  The group clearly has an ear for history while bringing their own style and feel to each and every song.  The tempo changes brought to the table by drummer Henry Ruddel are perfect and not only drive the songs forward but keep them interesting as the sound of each starts to blend slightly by the end of the album.  While almost all songs maintain the punk aesthetic like "Footsteps" which channels 70's bands like The Damned or closing track "Soulless Youth" (one of the best on the album) some like "Possessed" and "Tough Luck" are reminiscent of the more pop oriented 80's sound of bands like Gang of Four (also from Leeds) or The Cure while still maintaining that hardcore influence alongside drumming that sounds straight out of Mission of Burma's entire catalog.  The band, which formed in 2010 is setting itself up for a successful run.  Their live show is supposed to be out of this world and they're slated to play Great Scott in Allston two weeks from today.  I have tickets and am so excited to see these guys rip through some songs which you would swear were straight out of 1984.  If you grew up in the 80's or are a fan of underground music from the era, you will not be disappointed with this album.

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