Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cult Classics - Meatballs is a Feel Good Summer Film for All

Considering today is the last day of school, it seems like a good opportunity for another Cult Classic, a timeless summer camp film which is a perfect way to get excited for the school vacation ahead.  Released in 1979, Meatballs was the first starring role for comedian Bill Murray.  Focusing on the quiet, introverted Rudy Gerner, away from home at sleep away camp for the first time, the film is part coming of age tale, part raunchy teen comedy, and part feel good family blockbuster.  Murray plays head counselor Tripper Harrison, in charge of the camps CIT’s (counselors in training) a group of elder teens which help lead activities and run the assorted bunk houses.  Tripper takes an interest in young Rudy and takes him under his wing for the duration of the summer.  The two go on long runs together and discuss life over games of poker.  The summer is filled with first loves, competition with neighboring camp Mohawk, and many pranks on camp director Morty Melnick.  There are WAY too many jokes and one-liners to list but suffice it to say that the entire movie is quotable.  From the CIT theme song to Murray’s constant sarcastic remarks both directly to campers and counselors and also over the camp loud speaker, the film is laugh out loud funny from start to finish.  In the end, the message is simple: be yourself, laugh often, and always remember to have a good time because when you take a step back and look at whatever problems you have, in the grand scheme of things….it just doesn’t matter. 

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