Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pirate Radio: Peace, Love, and Rock n' Roll

      After watching Pirate Radio I wanted to jump in the car and either drive off the pier, radio ablaze in an attempt to start my own rebellious rock station, or head to Best Buy to purchase the film.  After an intense internal struggle I went with option B.  The film…was…SPECTACULAR!  With an ensemble cast including Bill Nighy, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Nick Frost, and many others, the film is a veritable cornucopia of talent.  With a dry, witty, sarcastic tone throughout, the film gives you the same feeling as Monty Python or Shaun of the Dead (another great Nick Frost film).  The premise centers around a group of misfits operating a pirate radio station on a boat off the coast of Great Britain in 1966.  Much to the dismay of the British authorities, the ship continuously broadcasts whatever music it likes, safe in international waters.  The film is to a small extent a classic coming of age tale focusing on the experiences of Carl, the seventeen year old godson of Quentin (Bill Nighy) who runs the station.  Following around his favorite disc jockey, The Count (Philip Seymour Hoffman), Carl comes to realize that there are much more important things in life than growing up.  A phenomenal soundtrack only helps to further catapult this film into my top five favorite movies of all time.  Songs by The Kinks, The Who, The Beach Boys, Jeff Beck, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, and many others coupled with classic 60’s fashion help to give the film a real sense of nostalgia and transport the viewer right back to the flower power decade.  Peace, love and rock n’ roll…what else is there?