Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Music Streaming Has Taken Over

For the first time ever, digital download sales of music on services like iTunes have gone down by over 10%.  The converse of this is a dramatic increase in the percentage of people who use music streaming services like Spotify which offer paid users unlimited access to millions of songs on demand.  The shift is interesting in that the download has reigned supreme ever since the introduction of the iPod but as the smartphone revolution has taken over society, it's allowed the average person to have access to these online mobile services which were previously out of reach for people on the go.  This isn't limited to the United States either.  The trend has taken off worldwide as evidenced by Deezer, a streaming service available in 182 countries.  As technology continues to evolve it's only a matter of time until the next big thing takes over the music industry but it seems that streaming is certainly the way of the near future.  For those interested in the newest trends, read the Rolling Stone article on Deezer below.

Deezer - Worldwide Music Streaming

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