Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Numbered is Emotionally Charged, Life Affirming and Inspirational

Numbered like all Holocaust documentaries is an incredibly moving story of survival, but at its core is a life affirming tale of perseverance and happiness.  The short, 55 minute story, centers on survivors of Auschwitz who were each tattooed with a unique identification number upon entering the camp.  Over 70 years later, each survivor has a unique take on their experience and their number.  One woman who loves shopping has never denied herself anything she wants after having everything taken from her including her family.  There’s a man who always has a smile on his face and laughs at the thought of death who says that life is a onetime gift and should be celebrated always.  There’s the story of two sisters with sequential numbers who always stuck together and made it through their time in Auschwitz by constantly having each other’s back.  Each story is different but one thing is the same, every person knows their number by heart.  It is a part of them just like anything else and they see it now as a badge to be worn proudly.  It acts as a constant reminder of the horrible acts humans are capable of committing.  Each survivor has come to see their number as something not to be ashamed of but talked about.  They often welcome questions as it helps future generations understand and remember the horrors of the Holocaust.  This is carried on by two people, a woman who gets her father’s number tattooed on her to not only remember him but to remember everyone who was lost and a grandson who tattoos his grandfather’s number on his arm to honor him and the millions who never made it this far.  Overall, the film is a celebration of life and the happiness one can achieve despite the constant reminder of a time when they were treated as nothing more than a number.

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