Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Artists to Watch

Billy Corgan recently announced that 2014 will see not one but two new Smashing Pumpkins albums giving long time fans something to look forward to.  But as cool as it is when long time bands release new material it's just as exhilerating, maybe even more so, when new artists burst onto the music scene and deliver gut punching, heart wrenching, and awe inspiring debut releases.  Rolling Stone has compiled a list of 10 new artists to keep your eye on and all of them are poised to do great things.  From the Arcade Fire, folk rock sound of KONGOS to the smooth Brit Pop of 23 year old John Newman, the alt-rock fuzzy sound of Nothing or the carefree summer jams of Thumpers, there's new music for all tastes.  Check out the list below and listen to some tracks from their new releases.

Great New Artists

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