Wednesday, December 11, 2013

KHAN!!! - Star Trek Sequel Picks Up Where Last Film Left Off

Star Trek: Into Darkness was a great sequel with shocking twists and turns, and plenty of throwbacks to the original series.  As captain of the USS Enterprise, we find James T. Kirk along with his First Officer Spock studying a primitive species on an alien planet.  After an extreme volcanic eruption threatens the planet and its inhabitants, Kirk and Spock set out to try and save the natives.  However, when Spock’s life is threatened Kirk disobeys the prime directive and reveals the existence of the hidden Starship Enterprise to the people of the planet in order to save both their lives and Spock’s.  Afterwards Kirk loses his command of the Enterprise and the ship is returned to Admiral Pike who manages to secure Kirk a spot as his First Officer in the hopes that one day he could once again resume command.  After an unexpected attack by rogue Star Fleet officer John Harrison, Kirk is flung back into unknown territory as a centuries old mystery unfolds and Harrison is revealed to be the evil superhuman Khan.  With all the characters from the previous film reprising their roles, the film felt like it picked up right where the last one left off which was great.  It felt like a very logical continuation which is so necessary for a good sequel.  Simon Pegg plays a larger role as Scotty this time around and Karl Urban returns for another masterful portrayal of Dr. McCoy.  With throwbacks like the infamous Klingons and the furry little Tribbles making their way into the film, it’s sure to make diehard fans of the franchise happy while at the same time supplying enough over the top action and effects to keep today’s new generation of Trekkies enthralled.  After the success of both Star Trek films it seems obvious that the series will continue well into the future as the Enterprise continues to boldly go where no man has gone before.

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