Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tally all the Things that You Broke - Parquet Courts Does it Again

I told myself I wasn’t going to review a band more than once but Parquet Courts is quickly shaping up to be one of my favorites and there new EP Tally All the Things that You Broke is just as crazy, weird, and incredible as their debut album Light Up Gold.  With five songs that provide us with what the band deems five self-evident truths outlined on the album cover, Parquet Courts take on everything from heartbreak to rebellion on this record.   Continuing with their same post-punk, 90’s noise-rock sound I couldn’t be happier as it seems that most bands today put out an innovative and creative debut only to alter their sound in the hopes of a major label deal.  Parquet Courts is the polar opposite.  The Brooklyn boys have delivered with the creative lyrics of “You’ve Got me Wonderin Now” that question the singers beliefs about heartburn and the blues and the Beastie Boys inspired, nearly 8 minute closing track “He’s Seeing Paths” which resembles Beck’s “Loser” in a really good way.  Between the toy whistle in the background of several songs and the Grateful Dead style “jam sessions” in the longer tracks, the songs on Tally All the Things that You Broke will definitely make you say….what??  But that’s what makes Parquet Courts so fantastic because a band hasn’t made me say that in quite some time.  The band chants “The more you use it, the more it works” in the middle track “The More it Works” which is starting to exemplify Parquet Courts because the more I hear their songs, the more I start to realize how much it does indeed work, and work well.

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