Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees for 2014 are in, and oh what a list it is.  Everything from 70’s prog rock stadium band Yes to 90’s grunge giants Nirvana and everything in between is represented in the list of 16 nominees.  Some on the list make you wonder how they haven’t been inducted before.  KISS makes its 8th appearance on the list of nominees and Deep Purple, Chic, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band also have multiple nominations under their belts.  Peter Gabriel is nominated for his solo work, but is already a member having been inducted alongside fellow Genesis members back in 2009.  Rap and hip hop are also represented with nominations for NWA and LL Cool J, both of whom have been nominated before as well.  Fellow punk rockers the Replacements join Nirvana on the list who has been nominated in its first year of eligibility as their first single “Love Buzz” was released in the latter half of 1988.  Interestingly enough, this will be the second year that the public has been allowed to vote for the inductees as well, alongside industry magnates, music experts, and historians among others.  So go on and make your vote count!  Do the Replacements deserve to win over Hall and Oats?  What about Linda Ronstadt vs. Link Wray?  The Meters vs. The Zombies??  All difficult match ups which will need an answer; can you decide?

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