Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Franze Ferdinand - Keeping 80's New Wave Alive and Kicking

Franz Ferdinand are not only continuing in the vein of their previous releases, but perfecting them in a way that proves they are one of the greatest indie bands of the last decade.  I first heard their single “Take Me Out” from their self-titled debut album as part of the set list for the first Guitar Hero game.  It was so fun to play and blew me away that it had just come out barely a year before, unlike many of the other tracks.  Their latest release Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action is not only a great album, but one that spans multiple decades and genres.  Their sound remains largely 80’s New Wave based with some punky guitar riffs and indie pop beats that produce a sound both diverse and unique.  Their fourth studio album and first since 2009’s Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, the record is fun to listen to but hints at the possible end of the band in the final track “Goodbye Lovers and Friends” which we can only hope is a ruse considering the success and following the band has achieved.  Songs like “Right Action” and “Love Illumination” (both singles off the record) are great and remind you of 80’s stalwarts like Joy Division, The Smiths, or The Cure, with a faster tempo.  Still other tracks like “Bullet” are destined to become dance floor favorites.  With its poppy sound, the track makes you want to jump up, down, and all around.  Critics have given the album mostly positive reviews with most agreeing that the record is an overall success.  Franz Ferdinand are one of those bands that haven’t really put out a bad record and that has to tell you something, not only about their musical style but also about the bands chemistry.  With a great stage presence and songs that make you dance and smile, what else could you ask for?  Definitely a group everyone should hear.

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