Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cloud Nothings - Leaving the Past Behind

Cloud Nothings pack a serious punch.  Unlike anything I’ve heard in a while, this Cleveland, Ohio based indie-rock band delivered something completely new with their latest release Attack on Memory.  The title of the album is perfect seeing as the content is a complete departure from Cloud Nothings earlier more poppy-electronic sound.  The album is pure alt rock post-punk in all its glory.   Mixed by famed audio engineer Steve Albini whose resume spans three decades and includes work with bands such as Nirvana and the Pixies, the albums eight tracks are really close to perfection.  Don’t get me wrong, some songs feel a little forced like “Fall In” which sudden tempo changes feel a bit out of place.  But all are catchy, and make you want to crank the stereo up to 11 and shriek the lyrics.  Lead singer Dylan Baldi screams with passion on songs like “No Future/No Past” and has a voice that mirrors early Kurt Cobain or Greg Sage of the Wipers.  “Stay Useless” is probably the most radio friendly song of the bunch so it’s no wonder why it was picked out as one of Rolling Stone’s top songs of 2012.  Still, the band’s sound is ferocious with drumming that is supersonic in songs like “Wasted Days” (though the nearly nine minute run time is a little long winded).  While the lyrics are a little simple and overall pretty negative, they all get their message across: Cloud Nothings is a band that is leaving their past behind.  As Baldi screams in the heaviest track “No Sentiments”: “We’re over it now, and we were over it then”.  Who knows what these guys will produce in the future, but it’s certain to raise both eyebrows and energy levels.

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