Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bleached are Indie/Garage Goodness

Indie garage rock bliss is the best way to describe the two piece band Bleached made up of sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin.  The debut album is one of my favorite new releases of the past year.  The sisters manage to crank out 12 tracks of ripping guitar riffs and simple yet powerful drum beats.  Songs like “Looking for a Fight” are guitar powerhouses that get you pumped up for action.  Others like the title track “Ride Your Heart” and “Waiting by the Telephone” are classic love songs about lost romance and make you feel like your back in High School dwelling on your current crush.  Still, more variety exists with pop-oriented songs like “Next Stop” which you can’t help but move your head back and forth to.  Originally I wasn’t impressed with the band; I felt that they were just another indie outfit to come onto the scene with more synthesized, generic pop rock.  But the second and third time I listened to the album the more I came to appreciate the music.  The band themselves claim to be more of a post-punk sound which I would disagree with, but that doesn’t mean the band rocks any less.  Overall, Bleached is just a fun band.  Music that almost anyone can appreciate and listen to which makes it all the more surprising the band hasn’t taken off further.  I myself am hopeful for a second release.

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