Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Evil Dead is Better than Expected

Fans of cult horror classics rejoice!  The new Evil Dead movie does not disappoint.  Having grown up watching the original Evil Dead trilogy and loving every quirky, gory, funny, horrific moment of it, I went into the new movie with extreme reservations.  Like any 90 minute horror gore-fest don’t expect to see any academy award winning acting; but if you want a decent story line and some truly gut wrenching, QUICK LOOK AWAY moments then you should definitely check out this flick.  At times it seems over the top but in a way that just harkens back to the originals.  There’s no blood spewing from the walls, but the ways in which certain characters meet their untimely demise is quite creative and definitely reminiscent of the Bruce Campbell classics.  Little details like a portable chainsaw and the loss of someone’s hand help to transport the true Evil Dead fan back across that disappearing bridge and into the grasp of the Necronomicon.  Even if you’ve never seen the originals (which you should) Evil Dead is still a great horror movie and one that definitely continues in the vein of the classic franchise.

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  1. Can't believe I haven't seen this being such a fan of the originals. Gotta check it out!