Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Great New CD - "New Moon" by The Men

The new CD by post-punk outfit The Men has reassured me that rock and roll is still alive, albeit cowering in the corner in the face of the countless droves of MTV-pushed pop stars.  This Brooklyn based five piece started out as a decidedly hardcore band and their first two LP’s definitely resonate with fans as great punk music.  That being said, the direction they took with "New Moon" is more of a post-punk/alternative sound with a little bit of a country flare (although I hesitate to call it that).  The album is a mix of songs that both harken back to their early days and also experiment with some slower, newer sounds.  If you like great American guitar rock then this band is definitely one to add to your playlist.  Songs like "Half Angel Half Light" are a nice mix between the heavier punk sounding songs like "The Brass" and slower, more alternative ones like "Open the Door".  Overall, the album is a detour from what The Men have done previously but that just shows the group’s ability to grow and evolve.  I definitely can’t wait to see where these guys take things in the future.

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