Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Modern Horror Trends

As is the case with anything, movies are about making money.  As such, after the commercial success of one or two films that adhere to a certain genre, there is inevitably a trend which develops as Hollywood tries to cash in on whatever is popular.  As we approach Halloween this weekend it seemed only appropriate to have a couple horror themed posts the first of which is an article which I've linked to below from AV Club which details the extent to which horror trends are representative of not just the current generation, but of society as a whole.  The essay uses The Babadook and It Follows as examples of a current trend of horror in the 2010's.  One of hopelessness and a never ending sense of doom and dread.  It's an interesting read and gets you thinking about all the scary flicks from past and present that you'll no doubt be gorging on in the coming days.

New Age of Horror

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